Cruel Raced

I had a very interesting conversation recently about cruel Asians.

No, I’m not talking about Bridget Jones referring to Mark Darcy’s ‘cruel-raced ex-wife’. I’m talking about inconsiderate, self-centred and selfish Asian people – or to give it some context – Singaporeans.


Cruises, vacations in Europe and basically everyone I know soaking in the Christmas spirit, here I am office-bound and in back-to-back meetings for most of the day. Still, I come armed with mom’s home-cooked food and the saving grace that is my colleagues’ bouillabaisse of quirky humour.

People play a huge role in affecting your mood at work, and I never understood this till I entered the workforce. Life as an ‘official adult’ isn’t as scary as one would think. Really, most of the time people are just as clueless as I am and are looking for the same answers I am.


It’s the Christmas season, and with that comes the inevitability of Bublé, Carey and Michaels (RIP).

The aforementioned, though most comforting – and whose music brings back fond memories of The Wongs annual Christmas parties which lasted throughout my childhood and up to the present day – has been devastatingly overplayed and is in dire need of some retirement, if only for 2017.


I’ve been very much into the oldies wave recently – even more so than usual. I guess it’s more about the non-commital lyrics and repetitive melody that allows me easy concentration when I write.

Contrary to popular belief, it is extremely hard to find a decent playlist for writing. You’d think that lyric-less artistes like Pacific Moon, Lorena McKennit and (my personal favourite) Secret Garden, would aid in better focus; but no, quite the opposite.