Beauty Review: Garnier’s Hydra Bomb Mask Series

I’ve been plagued with hyper-sensitive skin all my life – which both the Internet and my original gene-bearers have unhelpfully reassured would abate with age, but never did. In a perfect world, I’d be soaking my worries away in SKII rose-scented face masks and Bath and Body Works’ Christmas-scented glitter bomb lotions.

The reality is this: Slathering my face and body in clinic-issued, fragrance-free moisturisers which turn the texture of your skin into gooey road slick at the slightest contact with perspiration. This is a nightmare, especially when you reside in SINGAPORE, the heat capital of the Asia Pacific region.

Source: Garnier Facebook

However, these Garnier Hydra Bomb sheet masks are a godsend, for these main reasons which all sheet masks should minimally fulfil:

♡ Zero breakout, eczema flare-ups, or flaky skin post-mask

♡ Doesn’t leave a sticky residue, and works as a wonderful makeup base

♡ Does as advertised, with a spick 20-minute session leaving human skin plumper, more hydrated, and “incandescently brighter” (says in Keira Knightley’s best Elizabeth Bennett voice)

The egg atop the avocado toast is its price point: At S$2 per sheet, these hydro bombs are often found in discount bins at local drugstores such as Watsons and Guardian. Plus, they’re even cheaper online (hint hint).

Better yet, stockpile them; they’re worth the storage space.

Product rating: ♡♡♡♡ 4/5

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