My Top 3 New Year Beauty Resolutions

Just as 2014 welcomed Tish with the mud facials, 2015 with the DIY hot coconut oil hair treatment via the microwave, 2016 with the over-exfoliation resulting in heartbreaking skin tags, 2017 with Tish and her heavy-handed curtain of pimple-inducing bangs, and 2018 with the Singapore-inappropriate trend of dewy (read: oily) Korean skin, I’m determined to set my beauty resolutions for 2019, and keep to them.

This list is intent on embarking on new and healthier beauty tendencies, promoting habits that should be exemplified, and retiring eccentricities that should never ever be recreated. Beauty faux pas in the office aside, these are my 2019 New Year Beauty Resolutions, which I’m tightly crossing my fingers that I keep. Here goes:

Uno: More fresh fruit, less caffeine

I’d never been much of a breakfast girl, with a single banana serving as the extent of my initiative for fresh fruit. 2019 will see better breakfasts, comprising of more fresh fruit, and reducing my caffeine intake to a single cup a day – as compared to the usual three large cups a day. Though I’d never be that writer who gave up coffee to prove its dehydrating effects on the skin, at least I’d be a writer with healthier skin.

Now: I’m proud to say that I have eaten exactly a banana and half an apple for breakfast this morning. I wonder how long I can keep this up.

Dos: More Hyaluronic Acid, less random off-the-shelf products

Not to be confused with Hydrochloric Acid – which I’ve overheard a couple of giggling girls recommend their gal pals at the local salad place – which is a powerful corrosive which’ll burn your face right to Harvey Dent hell. No, I’m talking about the moisture-booster Hyaluronic Acid, the naturally occurring substance in the human body which regulates and moisture levels, in turn playing a huge part in controlling how smooth and flawless our skin actually is.

Living in Singapore, where the sun publicly despises you and the humidity loathes your very existence, I’m in the habit of washing my face several times a day to rid the sweat and the stick, without re-moisturising after each scrub-sesh, believing the humidity-transpired facial oils be sufficient ‘moisture’ (as it’d be “too sticky” for this all-round summer weather).

2019 will see me using products with a lot more Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to boost moisture levels, especially since I live in a city like Singapore which boasts radical weather conditions.

Now: I’m still in the midst of discovering my holy grail HA product, but in the meantime, I’ve been religiously keeping away from grabbing random shiny beauty products off-the-shelf at Sephora.

Tres: Making Facial Masks a Daily Occurence

I’ve mentioned I’m lazy, no? Because of this simple character flaw, my aftercare beauty routine had always been Toner, Pore Minimiser, Moisturiser, finale. However, having spoken to numerous skincare specialists and skincare experts late last year had opened my eyes to the necessity of taking my skincare regime a step further to include a daily paper mask. These are the typical ones you find in any healthcare and beauty store, and are typically sold in a box, but you can get them per-sheet as well. These help boost the skin’s moisture levels, keeping your skin nice and refreshed.

Now: I’m currently finishing my soon-reaching-expiry The Face Shop’s Ling Zhi paper sheet masks, which are not only broad – so as to encompass this author’s rather chubby cheeks – but fits snugly into every nook and cranny without the overly sticky aftereffect.

These are my top three New Year Beauty Resolutions. They don’t seem very hard, but let’s see what happens when you combine these motivations with a 9-to-6 job and a rigorous school schedule. I’ll let you know in a year.

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