My Top 3 New Year Beauty Resolutions

Just as 2014 welcomed Tish with the mud facials, 2015 with the DIY hot coconut oil hair treatment via the microwave, 2016 with the over-exfoliation resulting in heartbreaking skin tags, 2017 with Tish and her heavy-handed curtain of pimple-inducing bangs, and 2018 with the Singapore-inappropriate trend of dewy (read: oily) Korean skin, I'm determined to… Continue reading My Top 3 New Year Beauty Resolutions

3 Dreadful Beauty Faux Pas which Ruined my Skin

I've never had problematic skin. In fact, I've always had that dewy and glowing complexion now known to the modern world as 'Korean skin'. Oh, to be 14 again. However, that all changed when I bit the bullet with puberty. My blunder years compelled me to an Avril Lavigne-esque emo fringe. That, combined with my… Continue reading 3 Dreadful Beauty Faux Pas which Ruined my Skin