Why Makeup isn’t a Part of my Beauty Regime Anymore

One morning after the usual after-bath skincare routine, I simply decided that I was going to stop wearing makeup. Why? I can’t remember. Perhaps I was running late for work that day, or I ran out of my favourite Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. Or perhaps, this was just my sheer laziness for beauty upkeep hitting a real high point. Be that as it may, I’m glad to announce that the happy incident has made me the better for it. Here’s how:

Uno: Time is no longer of the essence

I can never stress this enough – especially when my alarm goes off at the crack of dawn on a weekday – but I have so much more time to spend now. I’ve always dedicated 15-minutes to my daily dolling-up sessions, and never actually realised what I could’ve accomplished during these 15 minutes instead of making my face poreless. Now I’m not talking about health hooey, like: “Ooh I took these precious 15-minutes to practice yoga, do a 10-minute butt workout, hone my inner chakra, and master my inner peace, etc, etc.”  No.

Instead, these 15-minutes have been utilised as a comfortable time buffer for a myriad of different things. Needing to change blouses after an accidental morning coffee spillage. No more grappling with late buses, keys in my mouth and running out of the house my hair half-done. Having the time to take a multi-vitamin with an entire glass of water. I even have the time to give my dog a nice belly rub before I leave for work.

Dos: A bigger budget

In the past, my three-figured monthly beauty budgets have been known to rack up countless credit card charges, often eating into the money I had set aside for savings, food, and transport. Even though my cessation of wearing makeup was by happenstance, I now have a much bigger savings account, and enough to spend on other things I need, like practical skincare and effective beauty treatments.

As a teenager, mother used to play witness to my makeup overload (and hoarding), advising me that makeup was meant to enhance, not conceal. Man, I wish I listened to her a long time ago. That would’ve saved me on the overdrawn eyebrow fiasco of 2014.

Tres: Tremendously better skin

With the advent of makeup comes the realistic end-of-day expectation of makeup removal. I’ve mentioned that I’m lazy, no? Not only have I been skimming steps when applying my makeup – such as melding my sunblock and my tinted moisturisers together into a single application – I’d also been habitually cleansing only once and rather hurriedly, with a Multi-Cleanser by Laneige, no less. Such gentle cleansers are not meant to serve as a holy grail of makeup removers, as traces of makeup will stubbornly remain.

The minimisation of my makeup routine to a sunblock, a red lip, and nothing more, has exponentially transformed my skin from a dehydrated, greying slough, to something a little more resembling actual human flesh, with a natural glow when not caked in layers of wax and synthetic silicon.

Now I’m not saying that makeup is an evil time-sucker or it embezzles all your money and is a definite cause for bad skin. Makeup is great, I still have a ton of fun watching YouTube makeup tutorials. Plus, having a healthy relationship with makeup is possible with the right time management, budgeting, and proper facial cleansing.

Unfortunately for this individual, makeup simply isn’t a part of my daily routine anymore. Blame it on the personality flaws, style of living, or even on the boogie, but a decade of dedication to makeup has made me realise that it’s merely a luxury I no longer want to afford.

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