Oh, Ze’s One of THOSE People


Just as the Agents were pre-programmed to track and hunt Neo down, some people are just pre-coded to irk you from the start. These people don’t necessarily come bearing growls and pitchforks ala the villagers in Shrek, but you know who they are – I can already visualise the lot of you nodding and widening your eyes in irritated assent, scowling as the thought of that irritant comes to mind.

There’s no one ‘type’ of irksome agents – therein exists a whole slew of them, coming in all shapes, sizes and forms, with antagonising attitudes that range from the sickly-sweet bullshit, to the downright idiotic, speaking their minds as if the truth and being tactful are somehow mutually exclusive.

Personally, one of my biggest tests of faith are the Hydras. They’re the bipolar hypocrites, always with a whiny passive-aggressive complaint at the ready, and forever poised for double-standard retorts. ‘Do unto others as you would other do unto you’ was obviously a verse that they completely missed, as they come equipped with a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude generously flavoured with a thick marinate of the angel act.

Just the other day, I was trying to get some stuff done when God decided to rock the boat, forcing me to work with one of the most irritating Hydras I’ve ever known. I was stuck between a rock and hard place, my methods of communication criticised and my apparently ‘abysmal communication tactics’ blamed on my generation. I’ve a pretty strong tolerance for bullshit, but this Hydra was really pushing it.

There’s lots of reasons to justify bad behaviour – blame it on the daddy issues, marital status (or lack thereof), a bad lunch, emotional health, chronic pet disease, what have you – but one of the best pieces of advice I’ve received of late is this: It’s not your job to care. And she was right, it isn’t.

Just like ripping off an old and unwanted bandaid, I got through it fairly quick, coming to the conclusion that at the end of the day, I could either choose to let these people affect my mood, or acknowledge these irritating people for what they were: Plain irritating.