I Bought my First Television, and it Felt Goooooood

Forget hush-hush. This was a covert MI-V mission that was kept under wraps – you know, up until the delivery men showed up at my doorstep.

I had never bought anything huge for myself. That’s not to say I never overspent, given the fact that I have been virtually penniless ever since Sephora decided to take out a lease at my nearby Heartland Mall. Small ticket items eventually culminated into hefty credit card bills, what with the bling bling, fancy wear, and the occasional splurge on some expensive candle that turned my room smelling like something out of the Pillsbury Doughboy’s butthole.

My brand new telly is the stuff from a movie buff’s daydream, and Tish’s ‘grown-up purchase’ of her young adulthood life. I did it – with this television (complete with free delivery and mounting services), I was officially an adult. Despite walking into Harvey Norman’s 1-year Anniversary sale with zero intention of getting a television (“No baby”, I told Aaron, “I’m just going into have a look.”) and walking out 900 big ones poorer, I can safely say that this telly was a terrific choice. Here’s why:

1. Carrots can only take you so far.

Aaron and I no longer have to squint to watch 12 Monkeys (it was a terrific series, by the way) on my tiny 13-inch MacBook Pro, which so happens to double-up as the laptop I use at work. Now, I can leave my aluminium friend squirrelled away at the office whilst projecting Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (that comedy cringe is everything) on a screen better suited for human viewing. God, I can even see colours again – Apple, you’re great and all, but no human eye could ever be discern those new ‘vibrant reds and greens’ from your minuscule screen.

2. The sleek black telly just ties the decor of the whole room together

Thanks to my early days of brainless splurge spending and adolescent obsession with the colour crimson, my walls and built-in wardrobe are red and my furniture a hodgepodge of different textures and colours. There’s my huge oak dresser, my black pleather bed frame, my milky translucent Muji drawers, and a giant black standing fan. Yes, I know, I’m wondering how all of that fits into 200 sq. ft. too.

Having my 50-inch mounted on the blank side of the wall not only helped in getting rid of my sepia poster of Sirius Black that I’ve had for the longest time, but also harmonise my decor beautifully. Forget weird, it’s eclectic now.

However, the rumours about Smart Televisions are true, even more so when you’re experiencing them first-hand. Unless you’re using an HDMI cable (which I am, and controlling my laptop remotely using an app on my phone), accessing Netflix, Spotify and YouTube are a total pain in the arse. They lag, halt, and connection is dismal. Despite having stellar Wi-Fi in my house, Smart TVs are literate at best, but a far cry from ‘Smart’.

Up next, that gorgeous round European bed with Egyptian Cotton sheets. Mmmm.