Christians ≠ Purists 

Annoying people exist. Excruciatingly annoying people exist.

Then there’s a whole other classification of tear-your-hair-out annoying people who happen to walk the earth and coexist with other annoying people – racists and sexists included – and there’s nothing one can do about it, facts be told.

TLDR: My run in with a group of fairly reasonable people, who had in fact, a rather skewed perception on Christians and their faith.

Where do people even get the notion that devout Christians who attend church, pray before meals, quote the bible – all that jazz – somehow equate to being purists of the most sacrilegious degree? I had lunch with a group of people last week, with the topic of conversation being abortions and a fair bit of politics. Even though it was an animated debate of ‘Fors and Againsts’ with all opinions welcome, they demonstrated great reluctance in accepting one person’s opinion – Let’s call him Bob.

Bob is a Christian, devout in the most Christian of ways. He does church on Sundays, prayer groups, charity work, quotes the bible when you come to him with your worries and problems, listens to gospels in the car instead of Avicii, and he even recycles. He was always a part of the gang, and in all honesty, Bob is a real son of a gun.

During our debate however, the group would just smile feebly whenever Bob made a remark, or stated his opinion on the controversies that made for our lunch conversation. When I questioned the group about their said behaviour (sans Bob), they stated that they were uncomfortable with acknowledging Bob and his remarks because they were not only afraid of ‘offending’ Bob and his ‘pure Christian mindset’, and felt uncomfortable speaking their mind around such an ‘innocent Christian’ man.

Good Lord Almighty.

When did being a Christian mean that you were unequivocally compared to being Saint Josephine Bakhita? When did one’s faith indicate that all social activity should be censored, barred and filtered? What, a Christian person can’t have an opinion? All Christian people should’ve voted for Clinton and deeply abhor Trump and his ridiculous Orange skin? A person who believes deeply in God should suddenly stand against abortion and only ever speak the word of God – all personality, human opinion and logical rationalisation banished from oneself?

That was the dumbest thing that I have heard in such a long while. If Buddhists and Hindus can still visit a pasture with grazing cows and Muslims able to be around dogs (without touching them), why should Christianity be so different? When did people start associating the belief in God to being a somewhat purist?

Someone recently told me that churches aren’t actually a hall of angels, but rather a hospital for the wounded. We’re all human after all, regardless of faith and religion. Sheesh, some people should realise that, and soon.