Tai-Bae 2018: Reigning Semi-Independent

Note: bae (beɪ/) – a person’s boyfriend or girlfriend (often as a form of address).

Capitalising on the Chinese New Year long weekend holiday and escaping to Taipei probably wasn’t the smartest idea I’ve made. After all, they are a country that celebrates Chinese New Year. As a result, this translated into jam-packed streets and suffocating train rides. Genius, Tish.

Disclaimer: Long, face-palming Taipei recount up ahead. Proceed at own risk time.

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Friends are Overrated – Why it’s better to have none


My sister, who so stubbornly insisted on travelling 13’000 kilometres away from her parents (note: Asian parents) to land herself in the middle of a freezing Vancouver winter, is now in a rut.

Why? Because she’s a nice person, and made too many friends (for her own good).
One is too many, in my opinion. 

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Why Singapore’s Gyms can never (ever) compare to those in Taipei

Public gyms in Taipei are beautiful. Aesthetically, they’re knock-out champions – most unlike the dull multi-mirrored vain-pods you so often find in Singapore. Wallpapered and themed, these Taipei gyms are made to look like an urban-looking backstreet alleyway, and others designed to look like a modern spaceship, the gym’s sleek machinery complimenting it’s cool grey interiors.

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