Rooted in Routines

Having a regular routine keeps me structured and calm. I discovered this during my last year of University that being neat and organised actually helped me gather my thoughts better – from planners to task apps and lists galore – I’ve done it all.

But I don’t mean pulling a Melvin Udall and flicking the light switch on and off five times before entering a room, or feeling the need to bin a bar of soap after each use – That’s OCD babe, not routine. Or as we Singaporeans comically imitate the Thai: Same same, but different.

Growing up a chronic overthinker has led me to quiver at the slightest indications of stress, making me quake and fret over things ranging from house-break ins to something as inconsequential as not getting enough sleep for the night. (Sleep dread’s a real thing by the way, not kidding).

And though I am aware that these scenarios – as laughable as they sound – may seem far-fetched, they certainly pull their weight during 1am nights of insomnia as I toss and turn on a bed seemingly made of stone. My resolution? Establish coping mechanisms such as wind-up and wind-down routines to move the day/night along with minimal drama.

As such, I have tackled my nights with hot milk and a soothing audiobook. As for my mornings at the office, every morning goes the same way. It also helps that my office is blissfully invigorating, with the perfect 24-degreed indoors and Ennio Morricone on the Bluetooth speakers – One of the finest pairings if there ever was one.

My daily routine usually goes like this:

Step 1: Breakfast with oats and some kind of mashable fruit – Usually it’s bananas, or cranberries if I’m feeling generous

Step 2: Spotify goes on to play soothing lyric-less songs e.g. Secret Garden, James Newton Howard, Pacific Moon

Step 3: Flexing the writing muscle with an email or two, maybe a blog post if I’m particularly hardworking

Step 4: Get to hacking away with the work on my plate

Step 5: Force myself to take a bathroom break every 45 minutes, if not I’d just hold it in till I pop

Routines are wonderful, how did I ever survive without them?

flashes back to Tish obsessively wasting time in a corner littered with sesame sweet wrappers
(true story)

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