Unpleasant Feelings


I woke this morning with the most unpleasant feeling, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to remember what it was that caused me a discomfort comparable to having period cramps and concurrent constipation.

I remember thinking to myself that this unpleasant feeling – one of many- should be chronicled in a list somewhere. I’m not sure why I thought it was a great idea. I guess in my brain-addled tiredness I believed it to be a great way to reminisce about my past grievances.

  1. Having the heater on for the past 30 minutes and still be greeted by a blast of treacherous cold water
  2. Starting your period on a squat day
  3. Being stuck in a conversation with a person who’s as boring as soap
  4. Sitting through Spotify’s Navy advertisements
  5. Walking all the way to the pantry (read: Canada) for a cup of water only to get back to your seat and find a fly in it
  6. Accidentally closing a movie tab which took gestation-long periods to load
  7. Being guilt-tripped into attending parties lest FOMO
  8. Getting an instant headache from downing that last sip of your latte
  9. Forced conversations that add zero value to my life/knowledge
  10. Listening to people describe movies I know well, wrong, then argue about it being right


Those are off the top of my head, the cortisol hitting me at very unwitting times of the day. Most of the time, when I’m without pen and paper – even digital.

What are yours?

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