Cruel Raced

I had a very interesting conversation recently about cruel Asians.

No, I’m not talking about Bridget Jones referring to Mark Darcy’s ‘cruel-raced ex-wife’. I’m talking about inconsiderate, self-centred and selfish Asian people – or to give it some context – Singaporeans.

That’s not to say nice Singaporeans don’t exist. I’ve come across good samaritans and kind strangers in my twenty-odd years on Earth, but that’s not the point of my story. Asians (read: Singaporeans) care for themselves, with only their own best interests at heart. Sure, it’s good at times of war/strife/gang fights. But come on Singapore, let’s get real.

(Real story) Say you spot a heavily pregnant woman on the train breaking out into a cold sweat and looking like she’s about to faint/go into labour. You could be a perfectly healthy old man with a sense of entitlement that ageism should somehow work in your favour, but for Christ’s sake, find it in yourself to give up your damn seat, let alone needing to be asked.

Personally, there was an incident this April involving myself, a girl in a mini-skirt, and a sadistic man with severe spatial issues. Seated on the train beside said girl in mini-skirt, I noticed that this man was standing right in front of her, inching deceptively closer with each sway of the train.

Irritated, I deliberately crossed my legs to block said man from moving closer to said girl.  My foot brushed his leg, and he immediately became livid. He sized me up, proceeding to aim a Beckham-worthy kick at my ‘barrier’ of a leg. I ended up with a big nasty bruise on my right shin, and two hours at a train station holding cell, asked if I’d like to make a police report.

My point being, none of the other passengers on the train bothered to lift a finger or help out in any way. I spotted a couple others whip out their phones with shocked expressions on their face. It was a unanimous opinion between those at the lunch table that day: Singaporeans need a serious reality check. Karma’s real, you know.