Moving to a Large(r) Pond


Cruises, vacations in Europe and basically everyone I know soaking in the Christmas spirit, here I am office-bound and in back-to-back meetings for most of the day. Still, I come armed with mom’s home-cooked food and the saving grace that is my colleagues’ bouillabaisse of quirky humour.

People play a huge role in affecting your mood at work, and I never understood this till I entered the workforce. Life as an ‘official adult’ isn’t as scary as one would think. Really, most of the time people are just as clueless as I am and are looking for the same answers I am.

Having worked in both small teams and large, I can honestly say I appreciate how larger teams feel. Sure, the pressure can seem insurmountable at times and people are always asking you for something that you’re sure you mentioned in your previous email.

However, larger teams are comforting; they’re an eclectic mix of personalities and quirks that form the basis of many a hilarious day at work. Helpfulness and gratitude were also traits that I never expected (but received, to my delight), and morning breakfasts and the occasional coffee break really keep the day brisk.

I do miss my old colleagues  – two to be very precise. I miss their stoic humour and the mid-day catchups, stories about floating poop and a ton of their other odd antics. They were the kind of friends you meet probably once in a lifetime, and when I left, I almost wished I could shrink and bottle them up to my new workplace.

Life is good, and despite being the most junior writer on the team – what with the random shopping tasks and excel sheeting duties – people are nice enough, friendly and (relatively) patient.

It’s like looking through rose-tinted glasses without the pince-nez. An unfamiliar feeling, but refreshing nonetheless.