Mem(o)ry Lane


There are some songs that are so powerful, they reverberate through your core and turn you into a jelly bowl of nostalgia whenever played. I’m not sure how these things happen, or why, but they’re really dangerous – Especially if you’re at work without waterproof mascara.

These songs are emotional landmines, each stanza withholding a specific memory, each intonation evoking a certain feeling. The Bluetooth speaker in my office, its purpose to provide calming Jazz tunes to ease the day’s tension, recently shuffled and landed us Ennio Morricone’s Cinema Paradiso.

It has always been an emotional song for me, and I started  – I kid you not – tearing up in the middle of my meeting. I returned 6 minutes later with red eyes and ‘allergies’. I first heard the beauty when my University made it compulsory for all film students (myself included) to watch the 2 over-hour long film.

It was the start of a timeless love story, like the ones I have for Harlequin Valentine and Tear for Fears’ Everybody Wants to Rule the World. Forget Lorde’s version, the Brits nailed the original to a T.

It could be my change of environment or the general demographics of my new workplace that has made me so sentimental recently. I’m not sure how I feel about the recent me. These days, I spend half my time staring at screens and mouthing words that I can’t pronounce, and the other half I spend staring wistfully into space wishing for a melody just for me.