Foreword: It’s been absolute ages since I’ve wrote anything. Between job commitments, getting sucked into the world of Mad Men – Coming to you in 3840 x 2160 pixels – and starting school (my sentiments which will come in a later post), there’s simply no time anymore. Multi-tasking used to be fun – heck, I even thought me good at it – but that is a thing of the past. Being a part-time student seriously takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. But as I’ve mentioned; in another post. 

Recently, I hit the mall for a little solo shopping time, only to pop into a store I’ve always avoided due to its steely exterior and more than seedy-looking shop assistants. A watch shop. But not one which sold your sleek Daniel Wellingtons or crystal-accented Guess automatics. It was a Casio, the store chock full of burly G-Shock classics and garish limited editions, tailored for the manliest of men who toughed it out in dizzying altitudes or dove in the deepest caves with scary looking fish like the one in Finding Nemo.


Just as the Agents were pre-programmed to track and hunt Neo down, some people are just pre-coded to irk you from the start. These people don’t necessarily come bearing growls and pitchforks ala the villagers in Shrek, but you know who they are – I can already visualise the lot of you nodding and widening your eyes in irritated assent, scowling as the thought of that irritant comes to mind.

Annoying people exist. Excruciatingly annoying people exist.

Then there’s a whole other classification of tear-your-hair-out annoying people who happen to walk the earth and coexist with other annoying people – racists and sexists included – and there’s nothing one can do about it, facts be told.

TLDR: My run in with a group of fairly reasonable people, who had in fact, a rather skewed perception on Christians and their faith.


“If everyone has a issue with a person, the problem probably lies with said person. But if you’re the only one with an issue with this person, then the problem most likely lies with you.” 

It’s a common phase found in self-help articles on Psych Today, ‘advice’ from YouTube strangers in too much eyeliner that you’ve never met, or a caption emblazoned on the bumper sticker on some random persons car that you spotted on the road, probably as a giant “F*** YOU” to other randos on the road with bad driving etiquette.

This sentence, though popular, is far from serving its assumably intended purpose of making you reflect and adjusting your attitude and outlook on life accordingly.

What. Utter. Rubbish.

This sentence is the essence of bullying. 

I’m a self-professed ambivert, having stated on numerous occasions of my predisposition in getting mentally drained after each conversation – no matter how energetic or engaging I started out the day being.

I’m not talking about the exhaustion of coordinating project work in school, or the need to collaborate with lesser (or lazier minds), where one was forced to communicate with others with different frequency levels and/or who disagreed with your opinions. Those conversations – though tiring – had a structure and were predictably irrational. Yes, they were tear-your-brains-out irritating, but at least people were honest with their feelings – disagreeable or otherwise.

But it’s as if I’ve fallen into a reverse Wonderland and Alice is nowhere to be found. A place where honesty is in critical short supply and people seemingly rewarded for wasting everyone else’s time.